Hello dear friends, 

as promised in my previous blog post I want to continue to share with you some wisdom that I have gathered over the past few years. This one is about entanglement. Sometimes when life brings you in a state of entanglement the first thing we do is pull strings. But this often resolves in the knot only getting tighter and tighter. 

Instead, it would be wiser to step back and give some “air’ to the situation. So that you can look at it more clearly and probably resolve the situation more calmly.

Here are a few ways you could do this:

In my experience walks always do wonders, it is the slow rhythm that calms your mind, also it helps to connect with your body, the body has much more knowledge than the mind 🙂 

And for that reason, the solution might just ‘pop’ up like magic.


Breathing exercises have done wonders for me over the last 4 years, and I am still learning every day.

Mountain breathing is one of the ways that bring me back to my calm and stable state. 

Mr, Stevey explains it beautifully over here on YouTube It will help you feel strong like a mountain 🙂

Then there’s always the option to talk to a friend.

As long as I can remember friends have been the biggest part of my support system, and I have been very fortunate with many loyal and good friends. But sometimes for some people, it is not always that easy to find them, that is why in September  I am organising my first womens circle.

I believe it is in connection with others that we can discover our strongest self.

If you ar interested in joining one of these circles? Please contact me with the contact form HERE

Journaling is like a superpower, that’s why this advice will probably be coming back every post I write 🙂

But in fairness, it is the thing that I always keep coming back to, because it is an amazing way to quiet the mind, and get some clarity in how your mind works. 

 it can be a great help in organizing your mind, as the illustration below so beautifully captures:


And as my last advice, but definitely not the least, this would be to get a Coach or Therapist. 

I know this is a step too far for some, but for me it has really supercharged my personal growth. 

Of course, for me, self-development has become somewhat of an obsession, but I can highly recommend it to anyone willing to make an investment in themselves.

That’s it for this month’s blog on entanglement! 

I hope you enjoyed that! 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me! 

I’m always eager to talk.

Have a great one sweet people