Summer break

Hi lovelies,

I’m back, from a lovely and long six weeks of summer break!

Within those six we weeks we also went on a family vacation in Italy, and it was so incredibly lovely to finally be able to travel together again!

There’s no better way for me to escape from life then to go on a family trip 🙂

We spend most of our time in Italy in the mountains to avoid the big tourism, and that was a good choice..

The first week we went for long walks with my brother and his family, which was so lovely, also because we hadn’t seen them much in the last two years..

The second week we found a very nice campsite in the mountains on the border of north Tuscany. And there we spend a lot of time in or on the water of this nice little lake

if you look very closely you can see some tents on this picture, one of them is ours 🙂

The thing I loved doing most was to go to the middle of the lake with the sub and stay there for a little while to soak up all the beauty that was surrounding me..

We did also visit some nice little towns and enjoyed some typical Italian buildings..

But most of all we enjoyed, being together and having no other obligations then to just enjoy each others company..

Our hearts have filled themselves with great memories and our family bonds have strengthened so that we can go at it again with full energy this coming new school year..

A new school year for me feels much more like a new year then januari does.. If you want to know more about that? subscribe to my newsletter below because I will be writing something about that coming Friday!Have a great week Y’all!

big Hug Hanneke