Work with me

Work with me


I’m available for freelance jobs like Illustrating for magazines, picture books, designing postcards, book covers, or patternmaking.
I strongly believe that Illustration or a drawing is the most powerful way to strengthen your message, or make your product memorable!
It would be handy for me to know the specifics of what you have in mind and the budget that you want to work with!
If you have interest in working with me please don’t hesitate to contact me with the link below!

Birth Cards:

If you are looking for a special birth card for the new edition to your family?
I do have options for a variety of budgets!
The cheapest option is the one where you pick an already made design and I only add the name of your new little wonder.
But if you would really like a design especially made for you, you should contact me and we can talk about the options..
The price for that varies between 250€ en 300€
Contact me with the link below


Over the years I have made quite a few people very happy with portraits made in my style. The price for a single person portrait is 135€ for an A4 print and 145€ for an A3 print.
A family portrait costs 155€ for an A4 print and 175€ for an A3 print.
These will be high quality giclee art prints so the colors will not fade over time!

Please contact me if you are interested in having your portrait made

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